Containers services – Transport of Containers

Strategic Partner Internacional offer to ship goods to and from any point of the world being specialists in routes on Spain, Bangladesh and China. We have a direct relationship with the best shipping companies to be able to offer the best service at highly competitive prices.

SPI Forwarding - Transporte maritimo de mercancias

Monitoring and Follow-Up

From collection to delivery at destination, there is not a single moment in which we do not take care of everything. By using computer network and through our staff throughout the world we closely monitor the transit of your goods in real-time, anticipating the steps to follow and ensuring that everything is ready prior to the arrival of the shipment at the port. Whether is for chartering, handling of full loads or other special equipment and groupage, the individual control of all the appropriations and the communication, is to make the shipment successful.

Our Services by Sea:

SPI Transporte Marítimo de mercancias
  • Maritime Groupage / LCL
  • Full Loads / FCL 20′ and 40′
  • Special Teams
  • Chartering
  • Projects
  • Services Door-to-Door
  • Track & Trace
  • Import / Export
  • Customs Clearance
  • Cross Trade
  • Cross Trade

FCL or LCL, which one to choose?


Full Container Load (FCL)

SPI FCL Contenedor completo

The advantages of hiring a full container are:

Even if you only fill half of its capacity, in terms of price, there is no difference, because half-full or completely full will cost the same.

If you inspect the container, only his burden shall be inspected.

To avoid risk of damage by loading another export or importer.

You don’t have to wait to fill the container to the exit.

Whether you use LCL and FCL, the entire load must be palletized loads or in boxes, depending on the type of goods or merchandise that can be sent.

LCL or groupaje (Shared Container)

SPI LCL Envío grupaje - contenedor compartido

Characteristics of the shipment of an LCL or groupage container:

The term LCL means less of an entire container or groupage. If your don’t full not even half of a full container, economic ways, it compensates you to make a shipment of LCL or groupage.

You will be charged for the volume that occupies the load in the container. Therefore, you will occupy a part of the container and the rest of the space will be occupied by another load of another individual or company.

The container is loaded in multiple shipments. The load must be palletized or stored in boxes, depending of the goods that are sent, to prevent damage.

Container Shipping Services “Door to Door”

What is a container shipping service door to door?

A door-to-door is a form of submission in which the Forwarder guarantees that the goods are collected and delivered to the points agreed upon with the end customer. Unlike the service door to port or port-to-port, door-to-door shipment originates and has as its final destination zip codes of the populations covered by the freight forwarder.

SPI offers you a service of shipping freight by door-to-door maritime transport to and from multiple destinations

INCOTERM for a “Door to Door”

The Incoterm DAP (Delivered at Place) is the one that we use in our door to door service and involves the delivery of the goods at the point agreed with the client. All costs related to the primary transport and insurance are included in our door-to-door, and are excluded from the costs associated with the importation.

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