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The development of intelligence activities of external markets, for the purposes of detecting demand for goods and services, initiating negotiations and operations to consolidate trade agreements, are also part of our services.

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What is a trading company?

International trade companies known as trading companies are specialists that cover the entire export and import operations.

A trading company purchase a product in one country and sell it in different countries that have its own distribution network. It works mainly in sectors of high volumes of production as raw materials, semi-finished products, metals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals generic, etc.

The activities of a trading company include:

  • Identification of providers in different countries that have the ability to supply large volumes of product at competitive prices.
  • Negotiation of terms and conditions of sale and delivery of the products.
  • Finance and insurance charges for the supplier exporter.
  • Logistics management of the operation.
  • Customs Management and documentary..
  • Distribution and sale of the product through the commercial network in the country of origin of the trading company and other countries that may be present.
  • Nowadays, the trading companies are specialized in countries with difficult access, like areas of Asia, Africa or Latin America.
  • Its function is to locate providers of products with whom they sign contracts for the supply of products that are sold through its commercial network in their country or neighboring countries.

Integral trader service

Our Integral trader service offers you the possibility of resorting to the figure of the commercial broker, for this, we have a team of trading with great experience in international markets, supported by an export department, logistics and customs management, which offers an integral service and a wide range of logistic solutions to operate with more than 50 countries.

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