The experience of our customs department allows to efficiently manage the dispatch of the goods and advise on any phase of the operations related to customs.

SPI Forwarding - Gestión Aduanera

Customs Management

At SPI we carry out the customs clearance of the goods that are imported or exported.

Our experience and deep knowledge of the customs legislation facilitates the withdrawal of their goods from ports, airports, free trade zones and customs warehouses, saving you time and ensuring the security and confidence of customs clearance.

Some of the issues that we are facing on a daily basis are related to the knowledge of the specific documentation requirements (health, veterinary, CITES, dual-use technology, etc.) of the products subject to special tariff measures (anti-dumping, countervailing duties, etc.).

Our Services:

  • Customs clearance of import, export and transit.
  • Processing of Customs:
      • Customs Warehouses.
      • Deposits other than the customs authorities.
      • Inward processing.
      • Outward processing.
      • Temporary importation.
      • Processing under customs control.
  • Technical Inspection services (Foreign Health, plant health, animal health, SOIVRE, pharmacy, CITES).
  • Processing of licenses and certificates to government agencies.
  • Simplified procedure of direct debit. Processing and management..
  • Operations of non-resident companies.
  • Intrastat / Value Added Tax.
  • Exemptions on the import of goods.
  • Return.

Customs Advisors

Our professionals specialize in reviewing, analyzing, planning and managing our clients’ customs activities, always based on the study and interpretation of the regulatory framework.

In matters of tariff classification, customs value, origin, taxation, resources, etc., we analyze both the laws and international agreements such as the Community and national rules. Also the commercial contracts and agreements give us the key to many of the issues that our clients may raise.

SPI - Aduanas domiciliación y certificados
SPI Depósitos aduaneros.

Our main areas of advice:

  • Preparation and presentation of Binding Tariff Information. Tariff reports.
  • Valuation reports.
  • Preparation of contracts.
  • Study of linkages.
  • Reports of source.
  • Taxation in International Operations.
  • Processing of resources.
  • Assistance in customs operations.
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